Award to Recognize Achievements in Constructing the Nuclear Facilities

30 August 2023

Valerii Smirnov, D. Sc. (Engineering), Professor, was awarded the Order of Merit in Construction for outstanding contribution to the development of the nuclear industry, a dedicated work of many years, the excellent scientific and industrial achievements in developing the advanced technologies and equipment, and for the success in projects related to the development, manufacturing and mounting the nonstandard equipment in constructing the nuclear facilities.

This award was granted by Gennady Sakharov, Deputy Director for Capital Investments, State Construction Supervision and State Expert Review of ROSATOM.

The Order of Merit in Construction is the highest Departmental award established by the Russian Union of Builders. It recognizes a person who works for the construction complex of the Russian Federation.

This award is for highly qualified top managers of the companies, organizations and institutions in the building industry, the building materials industry, and the construction industry, the design, survey, scientific, and educational institutions of the construction industry, and other individuals who made significant contributions to the industry development.


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