Pilot Production Facility

Vladimir Chesanov
Vladimir Chesanov
Iuliia Solomatina
Iuliia Solomatina
Deputy Head


In 2014, the Sosny R&D Company launched the Pilot Production Facility (PPF). The PPF produces standard and unique equipment to the design documentation developed by SOSNY (up to 90% of all products) and outside companies, performs debugging and testing of the equipment, and equips it with control and monitoring features.

The PPF workshops accommodate metal-working and machine-assembly areas fitted with modern high-performance equipment regularly renewed and upgraded.

The PPF offers a full manufacturing cycle - from the technological development of the design documentation to packing and shipping.

The PPF incorporates the Engineering Service, the Procurement Department, a machining workshop, an assembly workshop, a finishing operations area, and the Quality Control Department.  

For more information about the PPF capabilities and examples of products visit the "Pilot Production Facility" section.



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