Automatics Department

Aleksei Mytarev
Aleksei Mytarev
Vladislav Loginov
Vladislav Loginov
Deputy Head


The Automatics Department focuses on developing equipment and automated systems - from local control to multichannel distributed process control systems at nuclear fuel cycle facilities.

It has a staff of 37 people to include programmers, industrial electronics developers, automated system designers, assemblers and fitters of various electronics, special-purpose equipment developers, procurement practitioners, and quality inspectors.

The Automatics Department participates in all the projects involving automatic equipment and processes. It is also a one-source supplier from development to on-site adjustment of automated radiation-monitoring systems, criticality alarm systems, and video surveillance and lighting systems.

The developing, fabrication, and start-up activities strictly follow the process flowcharts that clearly state their sequence, milestones, and algorithms. The process starts with the automation item analysis, development of a concept, approval of a statement of work, and finishes with the commissioning of the ready-made system with a warranty and post-warranty support.

Regardless of the safety class, the ready-made products undergo 100% quality control of the components, flowchart compliance assessment at each stage of fabrication, and factory tests.

Equipment assembly premises fitted with all necessary instruments and equipment are available for co-assembling up to 40 control cabinets. Storage rooms for components and ready-made products are available.

The software is developed with high-level programming languages IEC 61131-3, C, С++, С#, Python in Siemens Simatic WinCC, STEP7, Codesys, MasterSCADA, Microsoft Visual Studio, Qt Creator and other programs depending on the tasks to be solved and the customer's preferences.

The work involves various licensed software.



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