Design Engineering Department

Aleksandr Samsonov
Aleksandr Samsonov
Dmitry Goncharov
Dmitry Goncharov
Chief Project Engineer


Design Engineering Department  deals with the following tasks:

  • development of design documentation consistent with input requirements, technical specifications, the Unified System of Design Documentation, and the industry's norms and standards,
  • design feasibility studies,
  • design analysis by generally accepted methods,
  • acquisition of information and customer feedback on the reliability of the equipment developed,
  • analysis of the product for the correctness of engineering solutions, performance, appropriateness of the materials selected, and preparation of improvement proposals,
  • patent research and determination of the engineering level of the equipment designed,
  • the developer's supervision of the fabrication process, supervised installation, mounting, adjustment, testing, start-up activities at the operating site, the customer's personnel training in the equipment operation.


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