About the Company

Full name : AO Sosny Research and Development Company

Abbreviated name : AO Sosny R&D Company

Founded on : 1992

Location : Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region

Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) : 7300016460

Principal State Registration Number (OGRN) : 1237300002752


Main activitites :

  • Research and development of technologies for spent nuclear fuel handling, including handling of non-conforming and damaged fuel.
  • Design, development and fabrication of equipment for nuclear facilities.
  • Nuclear and radiation safety analysis, strength and seismic analysis of the equipment and technologies.
  • Design, development, fabrication and maintenance of automated systems for process control and monitoring, and radiation monitoring systems.
  • Development and mounting of in-pool inspection stands for nuclear power plants including design of instrumentation and automation.
  • Organization of nuclear material transportation including development and justification of safe transport plans.
  • Development and fabrication of equipment for SNF loading and transportation.
  • Management of nuclear facilitites decommissioning.



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