Sosny Research and Development Company
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SFA Inspection and Repair Stand Commissioned at Belarusian NPP-1
28 August 2020

In early August 2020, Sosny completed mounting and adjustment of the equipment for the I&C unit of the VVER-1200 FA...

Last Batch of Spent Fuel Removed from Lepse Service Ship
25 July 2020

On 19 July 2020, the Nerpa shipyard engaged in decommissioning of the  Lepse service ship completed the removal of the...

Preparation for Retrieval of Non-Conforming Spent Fuel Assemblies from Lotta Storage Tanks
01 June 2020

Under contract with FSUE Atomflot, the Sosny R&D Company has successfully completed design and fabrication of equipment for handling non-conforming...

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About the company

The Company's main activities are developments and research in the field of nuclear power engineering. The Sosny Company copes with non-standard tasks of handling spent nuclear fuel from power, research and propulsion reactors in Russia and abroad, including:

  • Research and development of technologies for spent nuclear fuel handling, including handling of non-conforming and damaged fuel.
  • Design, development and fabrication of equipment for nuclear facilities.
  • Nuclear and radiation safety analysis, strength and seismic analysis of the equipment and technologies.
  • Design, development, fabrication and maintenance of automated systems for process control and monitoring, and radiation monitoring systems.
  • Development and mounting of in-pool inspection stands for nuclear power plants including design of instrumentation and automation.
  • Organization of nuclear material transportation including development and justification of safe transport plans.
  • Development and fabrication of equipment for SNF loading and transportation.
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