Technologies and equipment for nuclear industry

The Sosny Company develops technologies for preparation of the spent fuel (including damaged, non-conforming and leaky one) of research and power-grade reactors for transportation to reprocessing or storage plants.

Basing on the SFA inventory and health, the experts of the Process Engineering Division select a handling procedure optimum from the viewpoint of efficiency, reliability and safety of the personnel, the public and the environment.


The Sosny Company develops and fabricates equipment for nuclear facilities and other industries including:

  • equipment for nuclear power plants, buildings and complexes accommodating nuclear research reactors, nuclear installations and nuclear material storage facilities,
  • equipment for nuclear fuel fabrication,
  • equipment for SNF radiochemical treatment,
  • packagings for transportation of nuclear material and radioactive substances.

The big team of the Design Division develop equipment, design documents for its fabrication at plants in Russia and at own Pilot Production Facility, elaborate test programs and procedures, participate in mounting and commissioning of the equipment, and perform a trial operation, if necessary. The Sosny Company has long close relations with fabricators in Volga region, Ural and Siberia.

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