Research and development

Taking advantage of many years’ experience in different sectors of nuclear industry and relying on the knowledge of nuclear fuel properties, fabrication and reprocessing technologies, the experts of  Sosny R&D Company provide scientific, engineering and technical assistance of all projects including the following:

  • development of methodology of projects for the safe handling of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste of different composition and origin,
  • scientific support for the development and fabrication of equipment for post-irradiation examinations of the spent nuclear fuel,
  • R&D prior to development of the equipment for fabrication and reprocessing of nuclear fuel for different reactors.

The experts carry on:

  •  analysis of engineering solutions including assessment of their impact on operation safety of the equipment developed,
  •  organization and support for experimental work to study properties of both reactor and structural materials used for fabrication of process equipment,
  • analytic surveys including analysis of problems, tendencies and requirements in handling the spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste,
  • expert services.


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