Sosny R&D Company has established a pilot production facility to fabricate the equipment designed by the Company's engineering design divisions to be used then at Russian and foreign nuclear facilities. Here the fabricated equipment is assembled, adjusted, tested, and equipped with monitoring and control instruments.

The workshop area is 2500 m2

By now, the machine tool population of the facility has been greatly enlarged. Up-to-date highly efficient equipment for metal cutting, welding and other specific purposes is procured, newest machining techniques are introduced.

The quality management system of the facility is certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2008. Quality control of the products is performed by certified experts on each stage of the production process.


Sosny R&D Company provides the services on fabrication of non-standard customized equipment based on customer-provided drawings.


The following process operations are performed on the process areas of the pilot production facility:

  1. Cutting of metals:
    • Machine cutting
    • Water jet cutting
  2. Bending of sheet metal and tubes
  3. Machining:
    • Lathe work (using multiwork machines and NC machines)
    • Milling (universal and plano milling)
    • Drilling (radial drilling, edge preparation)
  4. Assembling:
    • Machine assembly
    • Welding (manual arc welding, TIG, Ar, Ar 99,9%, СО2 semiautomatic welding, automatic orbital welding)
  5. Finishing:
    • Grinding (sandblasting, glass blasting)
    • Painting
  6. Testing:
    • Ultrasonic testing
    • Radiographic testing
    • Liquid penetrant testing
    • Visual inspection
    • Сontrol of dimensions
    • Mechanical tests on samples and specimens
  7. Treatment and packing











Lathe machining:
Swing - 1600 mm;
Maximum part length - 4000 mm.


CNC milling:
Maximum part length - 2000 mm;
Maximum part width - 1000 mm.


Water jet cutting
Catcher tank length - 3000 mm;
Catcher tank width - 1500 mm;
Maximum part thickness - 200 mm.


Maximum thickness of metal - 13 mm;
Maximum length of metal - 3,000 mm;
Maximum cut diameter (band saw) - 550 mm.


Automatic, semiautomatic, manual argon-arc.
(Welders certified according to PNAE G-&-003-87)















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